Turn My Hate to Love

My heart wants to hate,
My mind to be superior;
To look down on others,
My ego wants to inflate.

A trip to Wal-Mart,
Innocuous as it may seem,
Becomes an unexpected playground,
A turkey shoot, a massacre,
A place for my evil nature to teem.

The foreigners whom I can distrust,
And the obese at whom I may scoff;
The morons who clog the aisles,
Outcasts from whom I may reel in disgust.

I stand at the crossroads,
There is a choice to be made;
Indulge the desire,
Or do as you bade.

You became a man,
LORD, you lived this life,
You loved all people,
Even when hate was rife.

Please transform me, LORD,
Change my heart from hate to love,
Let me see them as you do,
Make me more like your Son above.

© Jack G. M. FitzGerald, 2014

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