Leave in Minnesota

Leave in Minnesota

Steely and sleek,
The plane jets through the air.
His handwriting is weak,
Such reflection is rare.

The capital seemed so perfect, then,
Full of goals to be beaten.
A thousand morsels of potential, then,
Just begging to be eaten.

 What happened next, the crowds and the hustle,
The vulgar bustle, and the deadly routine?
Is this all it took to break the wonder,
To rob his perspective, to kill the scene?

A little distance, a short time away,
Family all around.
Wars and budgets and congressional sway,
Faded far into the background.

 The merits of his home became apparent,
Each time he described them.
Beautiful scenery, a hundred a monument,
Time to explore each gem.

Flying back to a capital home,
What fate could be better?
A beautiful, young wife beside,
This man hasn’t one fetter.

© Jack G. M. FitzGerald, 2014

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