Have You Ever Needed to Create Art?

Have you ever been inescapably overcome by the passionate desire to create art? Has the need for artistic expression ever tugged at you like a mutt against his leash at the sight of a rabbit?

For me the need to create art is inevitably coupled with surges in emotion. The type of emotion has varied widely, ranging from bursting joy to near-hopeless despondency. All that matters is that an emotion is present. Moreover, the magnitude of the emotion seems to be directly proportional to the passion behind the desire. Such has been my experience. Yet, the manner by which people respond to their emotions is as varied as the expressions of your face. Do you push your negative emotions deep down and pretend that they were never there? Do you attempt to accentuate or even prompt your positive emotions through liquor, the smoke of a plant, or a needle? Or do you ever moderate, chopping the peaks and troughs? What of David? Although a king, he danced half-naked in the streets while overcome with consuming adoration for the Almighty. Do you laugh loudly, or do you embarrassingly release a chortle?

Traveling, working out, a fine dinner with my wife–these are all outlets that I’ve used. But sometimes my heart will settle for nothing short of artistic creation. Do you know that feeling? You want to translate the internal into something external. You want to connect your soul to another’s through the conduit of art. And then … the discouragement. You remember the time and discipline behind all of your previous achievements. Inevitably, an off-the-cuff work of art is destined for the garbage.

That’s the decision point. Do you commit to a strenuous exertion of effort and will in order to fulfill your needs of expression? Or do you turn recoil and mash it down inward?

© Jack G. M. FitzGerald, 2014

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