In the spring of 2013, Jack FitzGerald became alarmed with number of hours he had been devoting to digital entertainment each day, and how the ingestion of so much media was affecting his life. He pledged to spend three months away from digital entertainment. With his extra time during those three months, he strengthened his faith in God and his relationships with family and friends. He devoted time to his old hobbies of ukulele and reading. He exercised every day. His attention span increased substantially. He visited new places around his city. The positive effects seemed to be without end.

Amazed by how his Season of Silence had changed his own life, Jack wanted to share his experience with others. Thus, the Heroes in the Dark Challenge was born. Technology itself is not evil. In fact, technology is the catalyst for many of the greatest accomplishments of the past few centuries. However, entertainment addiction has become a pandemic. The goal of The Heroes in the Dark Challenge is to restore the balance in the lives of people.

The Heroes in the Dark Challenge beautifully coalesces with the themes of Heroes in the Dark into a whole-person approach to a rich and meaningful life.

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